Mission Statement

To provide great lacrosse experiences both on and off the field. Our goal is to teach the sport and build confidence in each and every player regardless of skill level. More importantly we will hold our players to the highest standards of sportsmanship. We understand, with time, athletics will fade, but character and integrity built during our events, camps, and training will last a lifetime. We want our players to get the most out of their abilities, but more importantly grow up to be great parents and leaders.

The 12 System

The first TEAM12 was formed in Orange County in the spring of 2012. The purpose was to teach the game and develop lacrosse IQ for the twenty two middle school players who were willing to learn and improve. The final goal of this team was to start the process of making Orange County Lacrosse more in line with other parts of California and the country and prepare them to be good Varsity players. There were no games, innovative practices sessions, cool uniforms, and a few scrimmages at the end of the season. It was huge success and many of the players on this team went on to start and excel as Varsity players in high school with some already committed to Division 1 Universities to play lacrosse. On this team everyone wore the same number 12 to symbolize selfless play.

The number 12 is a correlation with the Coach DeMaio’s teachings with Bunch Nation as many of the best and most selfless players have worn the number 12 on Coach’s teams. The philosophy with TEAM12 is simple: TEAM first… being aligned as a team and not individual players, playing for reasons beyond ourselves. Off the field, FAMILY and do for others.

The “12” award: The 12 award is given to individuals who give back and fundraise in their communities for great causes, to date we have given out 4 awards in the past two years to individuals who have raised over $15,000 for charitable causes in this time span.

What’s cool about this concept is that the players who participate will be eligible and given preference to Regional and National TEAM12, and BUNCH NATION teams, not to mention the recruiting connections maintained by Coach DeMaio and his staff. The “12” system is a unique and a great opportunity. There are also high level skill camps and clinics in which our players get first preference to be involved in.

BIO: Coach DeMaio has over twenty years of collegiate, high school, club and youth coaching experience in Massachusetts and California. DeMaio is known nationally for his coaching successes and dedication to TEACH the game of lacrosse.

There will be no tryouts for this team as most of the players are well known. Local directors will recommend players to participate. Local Coaches will also be utilized under the direction of Coach DeMaio and his staff.